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M.S. "FUNCHAL" visited Liverpool this week

The M.S, "FUNCHAL" paid this last week an expected visit to the Merseyside. The ship was diverted to Liverpool due to the bad weather caused by the hurricane "Gonzalo" during the early part of the week, FUNCHAL departed Bristol/Avonmouth on the 6.10.2014 for a cruise to Norway and the Northern Lights, she was due back on the 21st, the extreme severe gales that affected the Bristol area resulted on the decision to divert the ship to Liverpool. FUNCHAL has been before, but was not expected until May of 2015, so it was really good to see her back and as always looking fabulous, the sending off at around 6.30pm is something I will never forget,a dramatic sunset, the likes of which we rarely see particularly at this time of the year, contributed for a spectacular departure. Photos 22.10.2014

"COSTA SERENA" at Civitavecchia

 "COSTA SERENA" is a CONCORDIA-CLASS Cruise Ship, she was launched in 2007, built by FINCANTIERI the ship has capacity for over 3500 passengers, she is operated by COSTA CRUISES. These photos were taken at the Port of Civitavecchia last Tuesday, 14.10.2014, I was on board Cruise Ferry CRUISE ROMA arriving from Barcelona, COSTA SERENA was about to sail, secured for sea with her engines running and it was quite a sight

M.V. "EMPRESS" departing Civitavecchia

 I remember in the early 90's thinking that the EMPRESS, here pictured, was one very attractive passenger ship for modern standards, I still think the same, she's changed her livery from all white to the current one, but she remains a very elegant cruise ship, she should be a successful ship because of her size, at only 48.563 G.T. she is a small intimate ship, what a lot of passengers are looking for these days, the bigger the better is predominantly the motto but there has been an increase on the number of passengers looking for smaller vessels. EMPRESS was built by CHANTIERS DE L'ATLANTIQUE in 1990, since 2008 she has been operated by PULLMANTUR, she has capacity for 1850 guests. Photos taken from on board cruise ferry CRUISE ROMA arriving Civitavecchia, last tuesday, 14.10.2014

MARINA departing Barcelona last month

M.V. "MARINA" is a fine cruise ship operated by OCEANIA CRUISES, she entered service in January of 2011, at 66.000 G.T., she is in my opinion one of the most attractive new cruise ships in service, MARINA is seen here leaving Barcelona, 9.9.2014