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Tall ship ZEBU sinks in Liverpool

The Historic Tall Ship "ZEBU" sank at the Albert Dock in Liverpool last week, it's not yet known the motives under this sad incident, fortunately there was none on board the vessel, ZEBU is a local resident, a ship that I had the opportunity to photograph many times, I hope she can be fully recovered, follow this link to read more. ZEBU in Liverpool throughout the years, last photo taken from MAIL ONLINE


The "EMIRATES SPINNAKER TOWER" as it is known today will be ten years old this coming October, I have seen it being built and during these last ten years I have seen the tower countless times sailing on cruise ferries, it was very strange last week to see it painted with the new "livery", the tower is now Blue, White and Gold, it was to be painted red, colour of the new sponsors, the Airline giant EMIRATES, strong opposition from locals and the council prevented this to happen, it would be too much to take on board to see the tower painted the colours of rival football neighbours Southampton Football Club. Photos taken last week

HMS "VICTORY" Plan of Restoration

Described as the World's most famous warship and commonly known as Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS "VICTORY" is a constant work in progress, large sums of money are spent to preserve this outstanding symbol of Maritime excellence at her permanent base in Portsmouth, the ship is undergoing a massive plan of restoration, I have recently visited the ship and I am pleased to share these photos, despite all the works going on, the ship is open to the public daily, except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, follow this link  here to browse the ship's website dedicated to the restoration of the ship. Photos 29.5.2015