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Tall Ship "KASKELOT" undergoing a refit

"KASKELOT" built in 1948, is to be renamed after being purchased in 2013, she is currently undergoing an extensive refit at T. NIELSEN at Gloucester Docks, photos 17.10.2015


GLOUCESTER QUAYS is part of the historic GLOUCESTER DOCKS and traces its roots to the early 1800's, today pleasure boats and tall ships as well as pleasure and cruise vessels replace the barges and ships of days gone by, GLOUCESTER DOCKS were granted the status of "PORT" in 1580 by Queen Elizabeth I and developed to be the hub of UK's inland shipping Port. Antiques Shops, an outlet Village with Restaurants and bars make it a lively visitor attraction with events taking place throughout the year. Photos 17.10.2015

Cruise Ship "MAGELLAN" at Cherbourg

"MAGELLAN" the new C & MV flagship at Cherbourg, I have sailed this year on the ship, follow this link here for more information, photos and a cruise review. Photos above 28.9.2015