QUEEN VICTORIA departed on her maiden voyage five years ago to this day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "QUEEN VICTORIA". Can't quite believe that five years have passed since I've taken photos above of the brand new QUEEN VICTORIA entering her home port of Southampton for the very first time after been delivered by FINCANTIERI. It was a bitter cold day but sunny and you can't really bit winter sunshine for photography, there I was on board a BLUE FUNNEL vessel together with other ships enthusiasts, we were defiant to the elements but it was worth it, she looked amazing sailing past us to the sound of U2's "Beautiful Day". The date 7.12.2012, she would be Christened by the Duchess of Cornwall on the 10.12.2012, so officially her naming ceremony, but in my opinion her most important date to this day was the beginning of her maiden voyage and that will stay forever in history, 11.12.2012


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