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"COSTA VICTORIA" was built in Germany by BREMER VULKAN and delivered to her owner and operator, COSTA CRUISES in 1996, the ship is Italian registered. "COSTA VICTORIA" has beautiful interiors specially designed to reflect the Spirit of Italy, amongst other facilities the ship features a Pompei Spa and a Planetarium Atrium, this cruise ship was extensively refurbished in 2004, COSTA VICTORIA has a top speed of 23 knots, capacity for 1897 passengers and a GRT of 75.973. Photo of the ship at Barcelona in 2004, the year she underwent a massive refit


Following a fire in the Generators room on board Cruise Ship " COSTA ALLEGRA " which prevented the ship from power, COSTA ALLEGRA which has been adrift, has recently been taken on tow by a French Fishing Trawler, in the meantime enough power has been restored at least to keep lights on and also for cooking facilities. The plan is to tow the Cruise Ship to Desroches, part of the Seychelles, two tugs are due to arrive shortly and relieve the Fishing Vessel from her duty. 636 passengers and 413 crew members are on board "COSTA ALLEGRA", in the meantime concern over pirates operating in the area have been calmed by the presence of nine members of the Italian Navy's anti-pirate unit. "COSTA ALLEGRA" was built as a container ship, the ANNIE JOHNSON in 1969 by WARTSILA Shipyards in Finland, she was purchased by COSTA in 1990 who completely converted the cargo vessel to a full-time cruise ship, the works took place at the Italian Shipyard of T. MARIOTTI at Ge…

Intimate photos of passenger ships, new chapter

Another chapter of "Intimate Photos of Passenger Ships". All the readers and followers of this Blog know by now that I simply adore to spend time photographing ships and trying to get intimate with them, there's a few more examples of that in this post. ALBATROS in Lisbon in 2008, AURORA at Southampton in 2004, QUEEN ELIZABETH in Lisbon 2011, CROWN PRINCESS at Liverpool 2011, ORIANA at Calshot 2011 and AIDABLU in Liverpool, also last year. I want to share these moments with you, hope you enjoy it as much as I do

Intimate photos of passenger ships

Following my great passion for detailed photos of ships, three examples for the record in this post, the amazing QE2's prow captured at Southampton in May of 1995, the handsome  mast of the ship during a call at the French Port of Le Havre in June of 1996 and the funnel of the H A L cruise ship "NOORDAM" taken in Barcelona in 2000

"SAGA SAPPHIRE" inaugural cruise

The latest addition to SAGA CRUISES, the 1981 built "SAGA SAPPHIRE" is starting her maiden voyage with SAGA on the 26th of March 2012, the ship will set sail from Southampton on a 23 nights voyage. "SAGA SAPPHIRE" was built in Germany by BREMEN VULKAN as the EUROPA, she was quite possibly the most sophisticated ship at sea when new. The ship is undergoing a refit before starting her new life with SAGA CRUISES a company focusing on traditional classic cruising. Images, the ship with the new SAGA livery, taken from SAGA's webpage, the full itinerary for her maiden cruise and in Lisbon during the 80's, a delightful passenger ship.

CMV commemorates 100 years of the sinking of the TITANIC

CRUISE AND MARITIME VOYAGES is promoting a cruise to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the TITANIC. Departing from Tilbury on the 10th of April MARCO POLO will cruise for seven nights visiting Cherbourg, Cobh, Belfast and Liverpool, the 1965 built ship will also cruise off the Head of Kinsale where the LUSITANIA was sunk. Aboard the ship lectures will take place to celebrate Britain's Maritime Heritage. This promises to be an unforgettable experience, MARCO POLO is a special ship a former liner, the ALEXANDR PUSHKIN that was rebuilt for cruising in 1993 but still retains her classic profile with amazing well preserved teak decks, for all details please visit CMV official website Photos above MARCO POLO at Funchal by Joao Abreu

SS "AUSONIA" a ship of sheer beauty

This post is a tribute to a remarkably beautiful passenger liner, the "AUSONIA". Built by CANTIERI RIUNITI DEL ADRIATICO in 1957, she was owned and operated by ADRIATICA LINES on the Trieste-Egypt-Lebanon service until 1978, "AUSONIA" was as built 11.875 GRT, propelled by steam turbines with a top speed of 25 knots. In 1978 she was sold to ITALIA CROCIERI INTERNAZIONALI, her passenger capacity was increased from 520 to 690 passengers during the conversion process for full time cruising, but kept the same name until 1998 when she was again sold, this time to LOUIS CRUISE LINES, she was renamed IVORY. The ship changed owners again in 2005, operated by GOLDEN STAR CRUISES she was sailing as the AEGEAN TWO. The old "AUSONIA" was withdrawn from service in 2009, she was eventually sold for scrapping in 2010 renamed WINNER 5 for the voyage to Alang in India. When she was sold for scrapping she was together with SS OCEANIC of 1965, still with us, the last Italian…

"BOUDICCA"'s funnel inspired on QE2's

Reading the SHIPS MONTHLY Magazine March issue, it was interesting to note that the author of the ships review, writing about the cruise ship "BOUDICCA" describes the design of the ship as being inspired on QE2's, namely the funnel, it's a very positive account of this beautiful classic ship, worth reading without question, the author ends his comments by saying "FRED OLSEN refer to BOUDICCA as a truly world class ship, a sentiment with which I entirely concur". Have a look for yourself. Photo of "BOUDICCA"'s funnel by Joao Abreu and the ship captured at Portimao last July

MARCH issue of SHIPS MONTHLY magazine

Don't miss the March issue of this splendid magazine, special focus on the cruise ship "BOUDICCA" and part 1 of TITANIC 100 YEARS REMEMBERED

"DISCOVERY" and "MSC FANTASIA" at Funchal in 2010

Further to my previous post,I have chosen to publish this photo from Joao Abreu once again, to illustrate the meaning of MARITIME MEMORIES when they state that "DISCOVERY" is an intimate ship taking 650 guests instead of 5000 and visits to destinations "off the beaten track", meaning of course "DISCOVERY" can call certain ports not suitable for a ship the size of the MSC FANTASIA, the photo is a remarkable account, a true testimony of past and present Ship Building. Both ships provide unforgettable cruising experiences, all depends of course what each one of us is looking for during a sea voyage.

MV "DISCOVERY", There are a lot of ships out there, but there's only one DISCOVERY

There's a lot of ships out there, but there is only one "DISCOVERY" that's how MARITIME MEMORIES describes the ship they use for the classic sea voyages. Again to use their own words " this is an intimate ship with capacity for 650 passengers not 5000 and a vessel that visits smaller "off the beaten track" destinations ".

"DISCOVERY" was built in 1972, she has been operated by VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY since 2002, the ship is registered at Bermuda. Photos here included, shows the ship as the "ISLAND PRINCESS" in August of 1997 at Dover and at Funchal in 2010, photo by Joao Abreu

MARITIME MEMORIES voyage to Russia, this May

MARITIME MEMORIES will set sail this May from Portsmouth on the 11th for a 16 days voyage to St Petersburg, this will be a very special occasion for all participating on this event as MARITIME MEMORIES pays tribute to all those who served on the WW2 "Arctic Convoys". Every voyage organised by MM is a remarkable opportunity to celebrate classic sea voyages with great style, with the unique ambiance of days long gone, but this one promises to be one of a lifetime experience with "DISCOVERY" stopping at St Petersburg for three days with local authorities particulary committed to participate on the celebrations. The ship chosen once again by MM is the beautiful "DISCOVERY" seen here at Funchal, photo taken by Joao Abreu, keen contributor to this blog, top image, MARITIME MEMORIES logo, For all information on this wonderful trip please click link on post below

Voyage to St. Petersburg - Maritime Memories

Portraits of former P & O liners

Pictures of former P & O liners on exhibition on board P & O FERRIES "PRIDE OF BURGUNDY", the "UGANDA" of 1952 and "ROYAL PRINCESS" of 1984. Photos taken on the 13th February 2012

M.V. "FUNCHAL" in 1986

Another post about the iconic beautiful passenger ship "FUNCHAL", built in 1961 the ship has been in service for a remarkable five decades and undergoing a refit that will certainly keep her active for many years to come. Photos included show the ship during a cruise to Spain and Morocco back in 1986, my first voyage on the vessel, she was acquired in 1985 by Arcalia Shipping Company later to become CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL CRUISES, owners and operators of "FUNCHAL" to this day, she was given a yellow and blue striped funnel and was the first ship of the Company, she has an exciting future ahead, it's such a pleasure and unique experience to be able to see this elegant passenger ship still around, certainly for me an admirer and follower of the ship for over four decades, it is with great pleasure that I am sharing with the readers of this blog some of my most increadible moments as a ships enthusiast. "FUNCHAL" at Malaga and Tangier in September 1986


Built in 1971 as the NORDIC PRINCE by WARTSILA in Finland, the ship was operated by Royal Caribbean and had a GRT of 18.346, she was 169 meters long with a top speed of 22 knots. In 1980 the ship was lengthened by 26 meters, the GRT was increased to 23.149 GRT. In 1995 the vessel was sold to AIRTOURS SUN CRUISES and renamed "CAROUSEL", before entering service in May, the sky lounge around her funnel was removed, 1995 was the year I have sailed on the ship for a Mediterranean Cruise, it was a fantastic trip, I have great memories of the ship, she looked in great condition at the time and was indeed a very attractive mid-size passenger ship. Photos included in this posts shows the ship at Palma Maiorca, ready for sea, cruising the Mediterranean, at anchor in Cannes and Elba

Remembering the month of April in Funchal's port

We portuguese have a saying regarding the month of April, "Abril, águas mil", in english meaning April, thousand rains and the ship enthusiasts associate that to cruise ship activity during April in the port of Funchal, "Abril, navios mil", April, thousand cruise ships".
It has the reputation of one of the busiest months of the year alongside November as regarding to this activity. Eastbound positional cruising, mainly from the Americas, which tend to occur in the refered season,  is the responsible factor for this high peek of calls. Cruise ships take advantage of Madeira's strategical location on transatlantic crossings to the Med, to refuel and to stop in these long voyages allowing their passengers to strench their legs after so many days at sea.
Three, four or even more cruise liners are frequently seen simoultaniously in Funchal in April, sometimes the harbour size isn't enough to accommodate so many visitors, as it is visible in these images.

Remembering the "SUNDREAM"

This post takes us back to 1997, the "SUNDREAM" is seen secured for sea ready for another departure from Barcelona. The ship was built in 1970 by WARTSILA in Finland as the "SONG OF NORWAY" to Royal Caribbean, she was 18416 GRT with a top speed of 22 knots, the vessel was lengthened by 24 meters in 1978, the GRT was increased to 23005 GRT. In 1996 the ship was sold to AIRTOURS SUN CRUISES and was renamed "SUNDREAM", she is still around operated by INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PARTNERS under the name of "GEMINI" but facing uncertain times with the ship being reported for sale or charter

"THE AZUR" at Barcelona

One of my favourite ships of all time, the former P & O Southern Ferries "EAGLE" seen here in Barcelona during a cruise in 2000 as "THE AZUR", she was built in 1971 and is still sailing, it seems yesterday that I have sailed on the ship for the first time in 1974, she was almost brand new and for a young boy like me passionate about ships, she was the best passenger ship in the world, one thing is for sure she was beautiful and one of a kind


Seen here departing Lisbon in June of 2004 is the "COSTA MEDITERRANEA", the ship was built in 2003 and has a GRT of 85.600

"OCEAN COUNTESS" the first cruise ship to depart from the new Pier Head Terminal

If everything goes to plan "OCEAN COUNTESS" will be the first cruise ship to depart on a cruise from the Pier Head Terminal on the 29th of May 2012. Photos of the ship taken in Madeira by Joao Abreu