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"CELEBRITY INFINITY" in Liverpool yesterday for the first time

"CELEBRITY INFINITY" is a cruise ship owned and operated by CELEBRITY CRUISES, she was built in 2001 in France by CHANTIERS DE L'ATLANTIQUE, when delivered she was called INFINITY, after a major refit to her interiors in 2007 the ship was renamed "CELEBRITY INFINITY", she is 91.000 G.T., has a top speed of 24 knots and can accommodate 2170 passengers, the ship is registered in Malta. "CELEBRITY INFINITY" was in Liverpool yesterday for the first time, she will be visiting the city for another three times this year, on her last call, 1st September 2013 she will operate a turnaround cruise from the Liverpool Cruise Ship Terminal. Photos included were taken yesterday, 18.5.2013.

M.S. "DISCOVERY" today in Liverpool

The Cruise Ship "DISCOVERY" visited Liverpool today for the second time this year, built in 1971 as the ISLAND VENTURE the ship joined C.M.V. in March this year

, photos taken today at the Cruise Terminal, 16.5.2013

Biggest Cruise-Ship for the British Market is now underway

New P&O cruise ship is on its way - Captain Greybeard - Travel Advice -

Construction of the new P & O CRUISES Cruise-Ship, is now underway at FINCANTIERI in Italy, the ship will start operating in 2015 and will have a G.T. of 141.000 tons, she will be the largest Passenger Ship to operate for the British Market, she has not been named yet, please click link above for further news on the subject, above artwork of the new ship.

S.S. "ORONSAY" of 1951 a very popular ship both in Britain and Australia

"ORONSAY" was built by Vickers-Armstrongs, she was launched 30.6.1950 and completed in 1951, the ship left on her maiden voyage from London to Sydney on the 16.5.1951. "ORONSAY's" design was similar to ORCADES although slightly smaller, she had 27.632 G.T.. Four months after her launching a fire broke out which lasted for nearly three days, so much water was pumped on board that there were fears that she would capsize, fortunately damage was not as bad as expected but her completion was delayed for over two months. "ORONSAY" was built as a liner for her Australian voyages but also with cruising in mind, she made her first cruise from Tilbury in the summer of 1952. In 1954 her profile changed slightly due to the addition of a "top hat" to her funnel to improve smoke dispersal. In 1964 "ORONSAY" like other Orient passenger liners came under P & O, her hull changed from corn to white. In 1972 the ship was cruising full time all y…

OCEAN LINER versus CRUISE SHIP by Chris Frame

Transatlantic Liner - Chris' Cunard Page - Transatlantic Liner, Britannia, Royal M

Please click link above to access Chris Frame's website, special emphasis on the difference between an Ocean Liner and a Cruise Ship, also a must follow site for all CUNARD enthusiasts. Photo of the "QUEEN MARY 2" the last Ocean Liner in service, built in 2004, she is the grandest and most expensive Liner ever built, the ship photographed at Calshot, 27.4.2012

"LUSITANIA", 1198 people died 98 years ago today

98 years ago today, 1198 people lost their lives when the CUNARD liner "LUSITANIA" sunk after been torpedoed by a German submarine. Still surrounded by controversy, all those innocent lives lost at sea should be remembered, this was one of the great sea disasters of all time and yet people tend to forget it, not this blog, so politics aside, there is a chance that we will never know the reality of the real facts, this post aims to remember all those who lost their lives, the majority of them so close to home, in fact she was so close to her final destination that many people ashore saw the sinking and witnessed many bodies been washed ashore, does 9/11 come to mind, surely in the manner some people watched others dying. Photos above, "LUSITANIA" arriving New York on her maiden voyage in 1907 and Memorial Remembering those who lost their lives travelling on the ship at Cobh in Ireland.

"QUEEN MARY 2" and "CELEBRITY INFINITY" visiting Liverpool next week

Next week CUNARD "QM2" and "CELEBRITY INFINITY" will visit Liverpool, it will be "QM2's" third visit to the city and a first for the CELEBRITY CRUISES ship. For further details, please visit Photos by WORLD WIDE SHIPSPOTTING and "CELEBRITY INFINITY" taken from Wikipedia