Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"LUSITANIA", 1198 people died 98 years ago today

98 years ago today, 1198 people lost their lives when the CUNARD liner "LUSITANIA" sunk after been torpedoed by a German submarine. Still surrounded by controversy, all those innocent lives lost at sea should be remembered, this was one of the great sea disasters of all time and yet people tend to forget it, not this blog, so politics aside, there is a chance that we will never know the reality of the real facts, this post aims to remember all those who lost their lives, the majority of them so close to home, in fact she was so close to her final destination that many people ashore saw the sinking and witnessed many bodies been washed ashore, does 9/11 come to mind, surely in the manner some people watched others dying. Photos above, "LUSITANIA" arriving New York on her maiden voyage in 1907 and Memorial Remembering those who lost their lives travelling on the ship at Cobh in Ireland.

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