Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Historic Liners of the beginning of last century

During the first two decades of the last century the Liners were responsible for the transportation of tens of millions of immigrants specially to North America, New York was 5/6 days away from Europe, instead of weeks at sea to reach South Africa or Australia, until the Immigration Laws changed in North America in the late 1920's, the Liners were the only way to cross, we are going to relive here those memorable decades that changed the lifes of millions and indeed changed countries forever. All postcards above from my collection.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Best Cruise Lines for couples

10 Best Cruise Lines for Couples - Cruises - Cruise Critic

CRUISE CRITIC UK has revealed this week the Best 10 Cruise Operators for couples, worth to click the link above for further details, this is a very appropriate study by CRUISE CRITIC, the week of Valentine's Day. Some of the ships featured are ARCADIA, CROWN PRINCESS and CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE. Valentine Day could be any day so why not get advice and program your next cruise with your partner.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

BBC News - Canary Islands cruise liner accident kills five

BBC News - Canary Islands cruise liner accident kills five:

Please click link above for the latest news on this tragic accident where five crew members of the THOMSON MAJESTY lost their lives. Photo of the cruise ship at Madeira, copyright Peter Gonvalves taken 7.1.2013


This "post" combines two of the most successful liners of all time as well as two of my favourites. The "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" came into service in 1938, built by the ROTTERDAM DRYDOCK and Christened by Queen Wilhelmina she was 36.287 G.T. and one of the finest passenger ships at sea , it was intended at the time for the ship to have a sister ship or simply a running-mate on the North Atlantic run, Depression, WWII dictated that plans were scrapped. When H.A.L. resumed services in 1946, two 15.000 tons ships were built, the "RYNDAM" and the "MAASDAM" in 1951 and 1952, in 1957 the larger "STATENDAM" was introduced at 24.000 G.T. The previously intended running-mate for the "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" of 1938 came a reality 20 years later with the launch of the "ROTTERDAM", built by the same yard, Christened by Queen Juliana, daughter of Queen Wilhelmina and at 38.645 a ship very similar in size. These fabulous two passenger ships were very active during the sixties  and are remembered today as two of the most popular and endearing liners of all time. Photos "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" from my collection and "ROTTERDAM" 24.11.2012 and 4.2.2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

S.S. "ROTTERDAM" of 1959, ships particulars

Ordered: 27.10.1955
Keel laid: 14.12.1956
Launched: 13.9.1958
Delivered: 22.8.1959
Maiden Voyage: 3.9.1959
G.T. as built 1959: 38.645 tons
Length overall: 228 meters
Machinery: 6 Parsons steam turbines
Auxiliary engines: 4 steam turbo-generators
Cruising speed: 20.5 knots
Passenger capacity as built: Transatlantic service 1456, cruising 730 one-class only.
Builders: ROTTERDAM DRYDOCK CO. / Rotterdam
Building cost: about £13 million

Monday, February 4, 2013

SS "ROTTERDAM" opened to the public three years ago

The marvellous S.S. "ROTTERDAM" of 1959 is celebrating this month three years since her opening to the public as an  HOTEL/RESTAURANT/MUSEUM/CONFERENCE CENTRE, the official date 15.2.2013, an Historic occasion to HOLLAND, the city of ROTTERDAM and the Shipping World, a date that many thought would be impossible to reach, the dedication to the ship her preservation work and restoration is second to none, well evident when we speak to some of her volunteer crew of 280 people, I was there again and will get back here with further posts soon. Photos 4.2.2013

Friday, February 1, 2013


The former Transatlantic Liner and Cruise Ship "KUNGSHOLM" of 1966 is today preserved at OMAN as the first Floating Hotel at the Port of Duqm. The ship was built by JOHN BROWN in the UK for SWEDISH AMERICA LINE as a combined Transatlantic/Cruise Ship liner she was operated by this Historic Company until 1979 when she was sold to P & O and renamed "SEA PRINCESS", since then she sailed under different names for different owners until 2010 when she was withdrawn from service for not meeting SOLAS Legislations. She is now the VERONICA open to the public as a five star Hotel. For all information about "KUNGSHOLM's" new role please visit her official page here or follow her on Facebook here. Photos from my collection, KUNGSHOLM, SEA PRINCESS at Lisbon, 28.7.1984 and VERONICA taken from her original website.