Friday, December 11, 2015


"VIKING SEA" the second of a trio of cruise ships to be operated by VIKING OCEAN CRUISES a division of VIKING RIVER CRUISES, is seen here with construction well underway at FINCANTIERI, the ship will start cruising in May of 2016, she is very similar to the VIKING STAR the first ship of the company, a third ship, the VIKING SKY is also being built at the same shipyard and can be seen on the last photo. VIKING OCEAN CRUISES has plans for another three ships to be built in the coming years. These ships rank amongst the most beautiful I have seen in many years, they are approximately 47.800 G.T. with capacity for 930 passengers. Photos 13.11.2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Port of Rotterdam, ship spotters paradise, photos taken, 11.11.2015 from P & O FERRIES "PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM"

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tall Ship "KASKELOT" undergoing a refit

"KASKELOT" built in 1948, is to be renamed after being purchased in 2013, she is currently undergoing an extensive refit at T. NIELSEN at Gloucester Docks, photos 17.10.2015


GLOUCESTER QUAYS is part of the historic GLOUCESTER DOCKS and traces its roots to the early 1800's, today pleasure boats and tall ships as well as pleasure and cruise vessels replace the barges and ships of days gone by, GLOUCESTER DOCKS were granted the status of "PORT" in 1580 by Queen Elizabeth I and developed to be the hub of UK's inland shipping Port. Antiques Shops, an outlet Village with Restaurants and bars make it a lively visitor attraction with events taking place throughout the year. Photos 17.10.2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cruise Ship "MAGELLAN" at Cherbourg

"MAGELLAN" the new C & MV flagship at Cherbourg, I have sailed this year on the ship, follow this link here for more information, photos and a cruise review. Photos above 28.9.2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tall ship ZEBU sinks in Liverpool

The Historic Tall Ship "ZEBU" sank at the Albert Dock in Liverpool last week, it's not yet known the motives under this sad incident, fortunately there was none on board the vessel, ZEBU is a local resident, a ship that I had the opportunity to photograph many times, I hope she can be fully recovered, follow this link to read more. ZEBU in Liverpool throughout the years, last photo taken from MAIL ONLINE

Monday, September 14, 2015


The "EMIRATES SPINNAKER TOWER" as it is known today will be ten years old this coming October, I have seen it being built and during these last ten years I have seen the tower countless times sailing on cruise ferries, it was very strange last week to see it painted with the new "livery", the tower is now Blue, White and Gold, it was to be painted red, colour of the new sponsors, the Airline giant EMIRATES, strong opposition from locals and the council prevented this to happen, it would be too much to take on board to see the tower painted the colours of rival football neighbours Southampton Football Club. Photos taken last week

Monday, September 7, 2015

HMS "VICTORY" Plan of Restoration

Described as the World's most famous warship and commonly known as Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS "VICTORY" is a constant work in progress, large sums of money are spent to preserve this outstanding symbol of Maritime excellence at her permanent base in Portsmouth, the ship is undergoing a massive plan of restoration, I have recently visited the ship and I am pleased to share these photos, despite all the works going on, the ship is open to the public daily, except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, follow this link here to browse the ship's website dedicated to the restoration of the ship. Photos 29.5.2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Vibrant BRISTOL steeped in Maritime History

BRISTOL in South West England is a lively city with a strong Maritime Heritage, it has been an important seaport for over one thousand years, BRISTOL's harbour has one of the most variable tidal flows anywhere in the World, the water level can vary more than 10 meters between tides, ships moored were beached in low tide, they were of a sturdy construction and the goods stored in their holds needed to be securely stowed, it has been said that the expression "Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion" originates from here, there is no proof however but evidence seems to be in favour of that. BRISTOL today is also home of the exceptional S.S. "GREAT BRITAIN", Brunel's masterpiece, considered to be the first true ocean liner, BRISTOL was also in the late 15th Century the base for voyages of exploration, John Cabot the most renown explorer/navigator associated with BRISTOL. Photos taken 29.8.2015