Monday, August 31, 2015

Vibrant BRISTOL steeped in Maritime History

BRISTOL in South West England is a lively city with a strong Maritime Heritage, it has been an important seaport for over one thousand years, BRISTOL's harbour has one of the most variable tidal flows anywhere in the World, the water level can vary more than 10 meters between tides, ships moored were beached in low tide, they were of a sturdy construction and the goods stored in their holds needed to be securely stowed, it has been said that the expression "Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion" originates from here, there is no proof however but evidence seems to be in favour of that. BRISTOL today is also home of the exceptional S.S. "GREAT BRITAIN", Brunel's masterpiece, considered to be the first true ocean liner, BRISTOL was also in the late 15th Century the base for voyages of exploration, John Cabot the most renown explorer/navigator associated with BRISTOL. Photos taken 29.8.2015

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