Friday, October 13, 2017

Ancona Cruise Terminal

Ancona in Italy, is a city located in the Province of Marche not strange to cruise ships visits, the number of calls have increased in the last years, it is an important port for MSC CRUISES with turnaround cruises on offer, the cruise terminal is within walking distance of the historic city centre, the city has a very cosmopolitan ambiance, due to the cruise ferries calling every day throughout the year, passengers on a cruise ship call, can spend the day at the city, or take excursions to nearby Riviera Del Conero, or the walled town of Urbino, the photos included were taken last month on the 29.9.2017 when two cruise ships were in Port, the MSC SINFONIA and AEGEAN ODYSSEY, photos Vitor Francisco.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Harwich harbour Ferry connecting Suffolk and Essex since 1912, the ferry is seen here arriving Harwich, this small ferry was a tender from the legendary liner CANBERRA of 1961, really interesting conversion and good to know part of the former liner is still around, for the website of the service, please follow the link here. All photos 21.8.2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

MAASSLUIS and the Dutch National Towage Museum

MAASSLUIS is today mainly a commuter for Rotterdam, historically depended on fishing for centuries, this beautiful place is also home for the National Towage Museum, follow the link here for more details of the museum, MAASLUIS is steeped in Maritime History, several ships have their permanent home port there and are opened to the public and in the best Dutch traditional way are a joy to visit. Photos Vitor Francisco, 15.7.2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

1997 was a significant year for the HOLLAND AMERICA LINE and two of their passenger ships named "ROTTERDAM"

Early in 1996, HOLLAND AMERICA LINE, made the announcement that their prestigious S.S. "ROTTERDAM" of 1959 would be withdrawn from service at the end of September of 1997, the ship was already 37 years old, still very popular and much loved, but a decision was made not to rebuild her to the new SOLAS regulations, the date of her retirement would be the 30th of September of 1997. 1997 would also be the year of the introduction of the new "ROTTERDAM", already with construction under way at FINCANTIERI shipyards, the new ship was to be delivered in November of 1997 with the maiden voyage announced for the 11th of November of that year. Since the foundation of the HOLLAND AMERICA LINE in 1873, six were the ships to be named "ROTTERDAM". All photos Vitor Francisco, ROTTERDAM V dated 24.6.2017, ROTTERDAM VI, 15.7.2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fireworks on the river mersey for the QUEEN ELIZABETH departure

 Cruise Liverpool was ten years old on the 11.7.2017, for the event the QUEEN ELIZABETH was the guest of honour, ten years earlier, the QE2 officially opened the facility, these last ten years have seen a sustained growth on the cruise ship visits to the city of Liverpool, once again to celebrate the occasion, thousands of spectators turned up concentrating mainly at the Pier Head and at Seacombe, near the Mersey Ferries Terminal, Mersey Ferries that organized a special cruise that lasted for over two and a half hours to view the ship and contemplate the fireworks from a barge conveniently positioned between the three graces and the QUEEN ELIZABETH, the photos above document the celebrations, all Vitor Francisco, 11.7.2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Loading the "OLDENBURG" and close-up views of the ship

During the British Summer Time, "OLDENBURG", sails from Bideford and Ilfracombe at least four times every week to Lundy Island, documented here is the loading and sailing off from Ilfracombe yesterday, the first day of July of 2017, Ilfracombe a beautiful Holiday destination, "OLDENBURG" a rather handsome ship, she sailed yesterday with about 160 passengers, the trip to Lundy takes two hours, the return to Ilfracombe is scheduled for 16.30 allowing passengers to explore the Island for over four hours. Photos Vitor Francisco, 1.7.2017

"OLDENBURG" ready for her departure to LUNDY Island

M.S. "OLDENBURG" departing the Victorian seaside resort of Ilfracombe in North Devon, this beautiful ship was built in 1958 in Germany and named after the former Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, bought in 1985 by the LANDMARK TRUST, "OLDENBURG" is the supply and mail ship to the Island of LUNDY in the Bristol Channel, between March and October of each year, the ship offers cruising to about 200 passengers to the Island, for the complete history of the ship, for timetables and all the other information about "OLDENBURG" and the LANDMARK TRUST, follow the link here. All photos Vitor Francisco, 1.7.2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Remembering the sinking of the British ship "HILDA" in 1905

Monument at DINARD remembering the sinking of the British ship HILDA in 1905 with the loss of at least 125 people, the ship struck rocks trying to enter Saint-Malo in poor weather, photo taken this May at DINARD, wreck of the ship taken from the internet.

PADDLE-STEAMER "URI" cruising Lake Luzern

Paddle-steamer "URI" built in 1901 seen here departing VITZNAU, one of her regular calls during the Lake Luzern cruise, the ship is a wonder and the experience of cruising on her is a delight, follow this link for the official page of the ship here. Photos Vitor Francisco 27.5.2017