This "post" combines two of the most successful liners of all time as well as two of my favourites. The "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" came into service in 1938, built by the ROTTERDAM DRYDOCK and Christened by Queen Wilhelmina she was 36.287 G.T. and one of the finest passenger ships at sea , it was intended at the time for the ship to have a sister ship or simply a running-mate on the North Atlantic run, Depression, WWII dictated that plans were scrapped. When H.A.L. resumed services in 1946, two 15.000 tons ships were built, the "RYNDAM" and the "MAASDAM" in 1951 and 1952, in 1957 the larger "STATENDAM" was introduced at 24.000 G.T. The previously intended running-mate for the "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" of 1938 came a reality 20 years later with the launch of the "ROTTERDAM", built by the same yard, Christened by Queen Juliana, daughter of Queen Wilhelmina and at 38.645 a ship very similar in size. These fabulous two passenger ships were very active during the sixties  and are remembered today as two of the most popular and endearing liners of all time. Photos "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" from my collection and "ROTTERDAM" 24.11.2012 and 4.2.2013


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