Tuesday, February 14, 2012

M.V. "FUNCHAL" in 1986

Another post about the iconic beautiful passenger ship "FUNCHAL", built in 1961 the ship has been in service for a remarkable five decades and undergoing a refit that will certainly keep her active for many years to come. Photos included show the ship during a cruise to Spain and Morocco back in 1986, my first voyage on the vessel, she was acquired in 1985 by Arcalia Shipping Company later to become CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL CRUISES, owners and operators of "FUNCHAL" to this day, she was given a yellow and blue striped funnel and was the first ship of the Company, she has an exciting future ahead, it's such a pleasure and unique experience to be able to see this elegant passenger ship still around, certainly for me an admirer and follower of the ship for over four decades, it is with great pleasure that I am sharing with the readers of this blog some of my most increadible moments as a ships enthusiast. "FUNCHAL" at Malaga and Tangier in September 1986

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