Thursday, February 16, 2012

MV "DISCOVERY", There are a lot of ships out there, but there's only one DISCOVERY

There's a lot of ships out there, but there is only one "DISCOVERY" that's how MARITIME MEMORIES describes the ship they use for the classic sea voyages. Again to use their own words " this is an intimate ship with capacity for 650 passengers not 5000 and a vessel that visits smaller "off the beaten track" destinations ".

"DISCOVERY" was built in 1972, she has been operated by VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY since 2002, the ship is registered at Bermuda. Photos here included, shows the ship as the "ISLAND PRINCESS" in August of 1997 at Dover and at Funchal in 2010, photo by Joao Abreu


  1. Wonderful ship, fully concur with Maritime Memories.

    1. Thank you Jim, appreciate your comment