Saturday, February 11, 2012


Built in 1971 as the NORDIC PRINCE by WARTSILA in Finland, the ship was operated by Royal Caribbean and had a GRT of 18.346, she was 169 meters long with a top speed of 22 knots. In 1980 the ship was lengthened by 26 meters, the GRT was increased to 23.149 GRT. In 1995 the vessel was sold to AIRTOURS SUN CRUISES and renamed "CAROUSEL", before entering service in May, the sky lounge around her funnel was removed, 1995 was the year I have sailed on the ship for a Mediterranean Cruise, it was a fantastic trip, I have great memories of the ship, she looked in great condition at the time and was indeed a very attractive mid-size passenger ship. Photos included in this posts shows the ship at Palma Maiorca, ready for sea, cruising the Mediterranean, at anchor in Cannes and Elba


  1. Buen seguimiento de este buque Saludos desde las Islas

  2. I believe you mean NORDIC PRINCE and not BLACK PRINCE. ;) Fascinating images never the less.

  3. THANK YOU Kalle, it is of course the NORDIC PRINCE

    All the best