Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Following a fire in the Generators room on board Cruise Ship " COSTA ALLEGRA " which prevented the ship from power, COSTA ALLEGRA which has been adrift, has recently been taken on tow by a French Fishing Trawler, in the meantime enough power has been restored at least to keep lights on and also for cooking facilities. The plan is to tow the Cruise Ship to Desroches, part of the Seychelles, two tugs are due to arrive shortly and relieve the Fishing Vessel from her duty. 636 passengers and 413 crew members are on board "COSTA ALLEGRA", in the meantime concern over pirates operating in the area have been calmed by the presence of nine members of the Italian Navy's anti-pirate unit. "COSTA ALLEGRA" was built as a container ship, the ANNIE JOHNSON in 1969 by WARTSILA Shipyards in Finland, she was purchased by COSTA in 1990 who completely converted the cargo vessel to a full-time cruise ship, the works took place at the Italian Shipyard of T. MARIOTTI at Genoa, she entered service in 1992. Photo of the ship at Barcelona in 2000

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