Cruising on MV "FUNCHAL" passenger facilities

                                                    Junior suite on Navigators Deck
                                                       Porto Bar
                                                             Internet Center
                                                        Restaurant LISBOA
                                                          COIMBRA Restaurant
                                                            Beauty Center

                                                 Ilha Verde Lounge and Library and card room below
"FUNCHAL" has seven decks OBSERVATION/NAVIGATORS/PROMENADE/AZORES/MADEIRA/ALGARVE and ESTORIL. Restaurants LISBOA and COIMBRA are located on the AZORES deck as well as the Wellness and Beauty Center, the ship has also a medical Center on deck MADEIRA, the majority of the passenger facilities though are located on PROMENADE deck and include ILHA VERDE LOUNGE, PORTO BAR, GAMA BAR, LIBRARY AND CARD ROOM, SHOPPING ARCADE, INTERNET CENTER, CASINO and sheltered decks, the ship has also on offer a Deck Buffet known as the LIDO on the NAVIGATORS deck.All the passenger facilities are brand new, she retains a very cozy and classic atmosphere for what she has a reputation for decades, very comfortable surroundings without being very luxurious, the ship has 244 cabins which will be reduced for 240 with capacity for approximately 500 passengers. GAMA LOUNGE is shown below. For further photos of the "FUNCHAL" interiors please visit my Facebook Group here Photos taken on board 19 and 20.9.2013


  1. This is really awesome! The internet center and the Beauty center looks fabulous! I love the small gym set up also. I'm a first time cruiser and looking forward for my first cruise trip with blountadventures .

  2. thanks Margaret, if you like classic passenger ships, FUNCHAL is a wonderful choice, you can cruise in style and be in permanent contact with the sea not achievable on the majority of the new cruise ships


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