M.V. "LISBOA" undergoing refit in Lisbon

Cruise Ship M.V. "LISBOA" is one of the four ships acquired by PORTUSCALE CRUISES from C.I.C., the others being, FUNCHAL, now back in service, PORTO and AZORES. Showing here at Lisbon last month is the "LISBOA" still bearing her previous name, the ship is undergoing a massive and comprehensive refit, she is due in dry dock in October and is expected to start cruising again out of Marseille on the 21.2.2014. Photos 27.8.2013


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  2. It looks as though there is a lot of work required on the old girl. I hope they make a good job of it, I would love to sail on this ship

  3. thank you for the comments above. LISBOA is undergoing a massive refit, into dry dock still this month, will be an outstanding ship by the time she gets back into service, 21.4.2014

    Best Regards

  4. When mv lisboa sail on again?

  5. She's expected to be back next year, will update as soon as possible

    Thank you

  6. Yeah hope she's can back on sailing on again as soon. But I hear issue she will back in this august.?


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