Maritime Memories voyage to St Petersburg in 2012

Maritime Memories has organised for 2012 a voyage to St Petersburg, once again the ship to be used is the 1972 built "DISCOVERY", a great opportunity for repeat passengers to share their experiences of travelling by sea during the heyday of the ocean liners and for new ones to marvel with the unique ambiance that this small and intimate ship can provide, this is very good value for money and there's no need to fly, this is a Portsmouth round trip cruise, please visit for all information  Photos included by Joao Abreu


  1. Very nice video of a classic of the seven seas...The Discovery. I've had the opportunity to see her at my home town Valparaiso, Chile; she is small compare to the new "flating boxes" but her lines are just amazing.
    Thanks for the nice blog
    Guillermo Toloza from Chile

  2. Thank you for your comment Guillermo. I agree, I have never sailed on DISCOVERY but I have visited the ship a couple of times, she has an atmosphere that new cruise ships (in general) cannot match, if of course you are a ship's enthusiast, majority of passengers today as you know just want to go on a cruise, for the resort facilities, and may that continue of course. Happy New Year


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