QE2, the ship of my generation

 QE2 was launched in a era when the airliner was very much established, passenger liners were a thing of the past, the great rival SS FRANCE was already in trouble, so she was born into a world of uncertainty, she costed in 1969, 29 million pounds a sum that nearly bunkrupt CUNARD, her future was predicted to be short, yet she quickly paid back the investment, QE2 was destinguished by transporting the rich and famous on regular transatlantic crossings and cruise around the world, she was for many years the last true liner to guarantee regular scheduled transatlantic crossings. QE2 was never far from the news, collisions, engine failures, terrorist activity, wartime service, refurbishments that went terribly wrong but she survived, more than that she triumphed against all odds. CUNARD spent millions on regular refits that kept the ship throughout the years as appealing and comfortable as any passenger ship afloat, with a difference she was steeped in Maritime History. Many consider QE2 to be the most famous of all QUEENS, I personally believe that the tittle belongs to the old QUEEN MARY the ship described to be the closest thing to a "human being" a ship that dominated the North Atlantic for many years, when liners were still the proud of the nations an ambassador of each country, SS NORMANDIE unfortunately did not live long enough to become competition for the QUEENS and of course because of her role during the second World War, but I have never seen the QUEEN MARY, she is from a different generation, I have grown with the QE2, I´ve seen her countless times, sailed twice on her, celebrated the 5th Anniversary of my daughter on board the ship and I will never forget how sad I was when I saw QE2 arriving at Dubai in November 2008 at the end of her sea-going career, passenger liners have always been my passion and QE2 epitomizes the best a ship can offer, she  is the ship of my generation and I feel really pround about that

I hope and I trust she will still have a bright future ahead and I am very thankful to the huge amount of QE2 followers that work on daily basis to keep THIS LEGEND ALIVE


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