"It's a sin we have to leave"

Ancona is quite possibly a unique place for ship photography, I have been visiting the place on regular basis for the last twelve months, a big advantage spot for photography is the lighthouse at the end of the pier at the entrance of the Port, I have been before, the place was a bit unsafe because there was no railings, so it could look quite unsafe, not anymore, as the photos show, brand new railings are now in place and even the luxury of a bench overlooking the entrance of the harbour, this is an example to follow, these days the easiest option would be to shut the facility down, not here thankfully, the lighthouse is actually known as the "new attraction" of the city, a couple that was enjoying the views and the amazing warm weather, had to leave to some compromise, they turned to me and quite clearly in a very said mood mentioned...... "It's a sin we have to leave", I couldn't agree more, well done to the local authorities, this is a sight to savour and enjoy. Photos 28.5.2016


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