"MARCO POLO" from poet to explorer, cruising for over fifty years

"MARCO POLO" is a strikingly beautiful ocean liner built in 1965, the second of five ships of the IVAN FRANKO class, she was built by the Eastern German shipyard MATHIAS-THESEN-WERFT at Wismar, originally named after the Russian poet ALEXANDR PUSHKIN, there is no record of the name of her designer and indeed of the exact date of her maiden voyage, essential information was lost by fire at her owners/operators, THE BALTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY OF LENINGRAD offices. "MARCO POLO" was conceived to operate regular ocean-liner voyages and also to be used as a cruise ship, in 1991 she was renamed "MARCO POLO" after the explorer, acquired at the time by ORIENT LINES, since then she has been used as a full time cruise ship sailing all over the World, today the ship is owned by the GLOBAL MARITIME GROUP and operated by the British based cruising operator CRUISE & MARITIME VOYAGES, known for offering the best in traditional British Cruising. "MARCO POLO" is a unique ship today, a living tribute to the 60's ship building, one of a kind, she has a powerful raked bow a streamlined funnel with a single mast, she has what is known commonly has a "real-ship" profile, indeed a delight to the eye. Passengers cruising today on "MARCO POLO" can expect, unpretentious yet pleasing facilities with a nautical ambiance and an amazing amount of open-deck spaces. "MARCO POLO" is above all an happy ship for passengers and crew, from poet to explorer, "MARCO POLO" has charisma, stunning lines and layout, a comprehensive legion of repeat customers that adore the ship, she is a fitting tribute to the liners of the past and a unique cruising experience.


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