Monday, August 10, 2015

"STENA BRITANNICA", one of the largest cruise ferries in the World

"STENA BRITANNICA" and her sister ship "STENA HOLLANDICA" are the largest ever cruise ferries built for STENA LINE, their owners and operators, both superferries were constructed in Germany by NORDIC YARDS SHIPYARD at Wismar, both were handed over to STENA LINE in 2010, the HOLLANDICA in May and BRITANNICA in October. "STENA BRITANNICA" is just over 64.000 G.T., has capacity for nearly 1300 passengers in 538 cabins, her loading capacity is 5500 lane meters, the ship can accommodate 235 cars. "STENA BRITANNICA" has four environmental-friendly engines with a total output of 33.600 KW, equivalent to 49.000 b.h.p. enabling the ship to reach speeds of over 24 knots, her announced cruising speed is 21 knots, the average is about 17 knots, BRITANNICA and her almost twin sister are cruising from the UK to Holland, linking Hoek Van Holland, Municipality of Rotterdam to Harwich in Essex. An advanced coating system was designed for the ship's hull, catalytic converters were installed in line with an energy saving program. I have travelled on both ships only once, they are extremely comfortable, we will look to her interiors in new "posts", it is also evident the almost lack of vibration, some of the smoothest ships I have ever sailed. Photos showing "STENA BRITANNICA" departing Harwich yesterday, Sunday 9.8.2015.

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