Twin sisters CRUISE ROMA and CRUISE BARCELONA are two of the largest cruise ferries sailing in the Mediterranean, they were introduced respectively in 2007 and 2008, I have sailed on both nine times since 2012, both ships are really similar very comfortable to sail on with excellent passenger facilities, they both sail from Civitavecchia to Barcelona daily, except on Sundays, the crossing time is about 20 hours with the ships travelling at an average speed of 22/23 knots, during the summer months there is a stopover at Porto Torres, they have capacity for 2300 passengers, I will be uploading regularly photos of the two ships both inside and outside, today I have selected the "SMAILA" entertainment lounge, same name on both ships, the PIAZZA DI CATALUNYA coffee/bar lounge at midships, different name on CRUISE ROMA and the self-service Restaurant. These two ships are manned by Italian officers, the rest of the crew is composed by a mixture of nationalities delivering to the ship a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Photos taken during my last trip on the ship, 5.2.2015


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