"QUEEN ELIZABETH" at Barcelona"

"QUEEN ELIZABETH" is the youngest passenger ship of the prestigious CUNARD LINE, the ship was ordered in 2007 at the Italian Shipyard FINCANTIERI, the same year that the QUEEN VICTORIA debuted, also built at the same yard. At 90.901 G.T., "QUEEN ELIZABETH" is the second largest passenger ship ever to be operated by the CUNARD LINE, she is exceeded only by Flagship, "QUEEN MARY 2". "QUEEN ELIZABETH" is very similar in design to the "QUEEN VICTORIA", the main exterior profile differences are, a steeper stern and also at the forward end of deck 11 there is a roof covering the games deck. Last Sunday we were both in Barcelona so I was really excited with the possibility of doing some photos of the ship. Her berth was Terminal C on the "Moll D' Adossat", where Terminals A, B, C and D are located, during the morning the light was very good so gave me a tremendous opportunity for some close-up photos, a very favourite hobby of mine, just love to soak up that intimate atmosphere so appealing to me. Later she was due to sail at 7.30 pm, the exact time if you are lucky enough to get the most of the evening light, which it was not the case, at the prospect of menacing clouds, I made the decision of taking an harbour cruise much earlier trying to avoid disappointment and I was glad I made that decision, so here she is looking immaculate after her recent refit, she is nearly four years old now, "QUEEN ELIZABETH" departed on her maiden voyage on the 12.10.2014, one day after being Christened by Her Majesty, QUEEN ELIZABETH. Photos 15.6.2014


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