"VINTAGE IS THE NEW MODERN", cruise review by Mike Louagie of his recent voyage on M.V. FUNCHAL

"FUNCHAL" is a classic Passenger ship originally built in 1961, last year after a period of three years laid-up in Lisbon the ship was purchased by the newly formed Company, Portuscale Cruises, she was restored to her former glory and prestige after spending months undergoing a massive refurbishment, one of the most important throughout her now long career. "FUNCHAL" was designed and conceived for the Portugal to Madeira and Azores service, a service she kept until 1972, she was then transformed into a full time cruise ship. She is now unique, a testimony of the 60's ship building, a living legend of an era where some of the most famous passenger ships of all time were built, QE2, CANBERRA, FRANCE and the Italian sisters, GALILEO GALILEI and GUGLIELMO MARCONI, to name but a few. As part of a promotional program that is underway, Mike Louagie, freelance photographer and prestigious writer of cruising reviews and works associated with cruise ships and ferries, recently travelled on "FUNCHAL" an historic trip that saw the ship resume the famous "End Of the Year" cruises to Madeira, here is his cruise review http://blackbluegreen.com/blue/vintage-is-the-new--modern. Photos copyright Mike Louagie, showing the ship at Madeira, 31.12.2013


  1. There is a 'promotional programme' under way on behalf of Funchal? Clearly not for those of us in the UK. Perhaps we just don't matter.

    1. Dear Anthony, thanks for your comment, we do matter in the UK for Portuscale Cruises and a lot, but I take your point and agree, the promotion of the ships and their cruises doesn't seem to reach the market and something will have to be done soon, because I am sure you will agree with me, there's a market out there in this country for FUNCHAL and Portuscale Cruises


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