"FUNCHAL" at La Coruna, 18.9.2013

It's been twelve days since my last entry on this blog concerning "posts" connected with my ship stalking of "FUNCHAL", after Le-Verdon-sur-Mer and Bilbao, the next port of call for the ship would be La Coruna, I will never forget after the ship's departure from Bilbao I have followed her for over 30 miles on the road that leads to Santander, a delightful journey with the ship always in sight but unfortunately out of reach to my lenses, nevertheless quite an experience. "FUNCHAL" would stay at La Coruna in Northern Spain from 9 am to 3 pm, also in Port the DISCOVERY on a cruise with British passengers and HAMBURG, after some photography at the port, I've decided to wait for the ship's departure, shame about the weather, once again windy with some showers. Photos 18.9.2013


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