Celebrating the Life of "THE LOVE BOAT"

"PACIFIC PRINCESS" was built in 1971 by German Shipyard NORDSEEWERKE as the SEA VENTURE for Norwegian Cruiseships A/S, Oslo. In 1975 the ship was sold to the recently acquired PRINCESS CRUISES part of the P & O Group and renamed "PACIFIC PRINCESS", she became a favourite of all ships enthusiasts because of her distinctive yacht-like profile, she was then a mid-sized cruise ship at little under 20.000 G.T.
In 1977 the World of Cruising would change forever when the TV Series known as the "THE LOVE BOAT" were set on board "PACIFIC PRINCESS", these ABC Television Series became a major TV success and the ship was known Worldwide, I was a regular follower of the program and remember at the time, people starting to talk about cruising due to the TV Series and of course "PACIFIC PRINCESS" became one of the most famous and well known passenger ships in the World, the sentence "I'd love to cruise" originated here. Other ships were used for the filming of the "LOVE BOAT" namely her twin sister "ISLAND PRINCESS" today still sailing as the "DISCOVERY", in the early 80's the "LOVE BOAT" series reached number 5 on TV rankings, the success was well exploited by PRINCESS CRUISES that used the term "love boat" for marketing. In 1998 the "PACIFIC PRINCESS" was bad press when heroin was found on board in Greece, the ship was linked with drug smugglers in the MED. The now commonly "LOVE BOAT" made her final voyage for PRINCESS CRUISES in 2002, since then she sailed for PULLMANTUR and QUAIL CRUISES, both operators shortened her name for just PACIFIC. In 2008 she was seized at Genova by Italian authorities for failing safety tests and reported financial problems, since then she has been laid-up at the Italian Port and regrettably she could not be saved, the ship sailing as the ACIF arrived last week at Aliaga in Turkey to be demolished. I have seen the ship many times, she was just a beautiful  sight, one, I will never forget, she changed the World of Cruising forever, her sister ship still sails for CMV as the "DISCOVERY" giving us all the opportunity to admire these elegant profile ships built all those years ago, the likes of wish we will always cherish. Photos above taken from the Internet, "DISCOVERY" copyright Harald Oanes

Builders: Nordseewerke, Emden, Germany
First name: "SEA VENTURE"
Yard no: 411
G.T.: 19.903 as built
Length: 168.8 meters
Engines: two medium speed FIAT, twin screw, maximum output 18.000 b.h.p.
Speed: 20 cruising, 21.5 maximum.
Passengers: 767 in one class, crew 317
Launched: 9.5.1970
Private cruise: 8.5.1971
Naming Ceremony: 14.5.1971 at Oslo
First owners: Norwegian Cruiseships A/S, Oslo.
Maiden Voyage: June 1971 operated by Flagship Cruises
1974 sold to P & O Line, London with delivery scheduled for April 1975
Renamed: April 1975 "PACIFIC PRINCESS"


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