Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cruise Ship "GRAND HOLIDAY" at Barcelona

"GRAND HOLIDAY" was built in Denmark by Aalborg Vaerft in 1985, she was operated by Carnival Cruise Lines as the HOLIDAY. Late 2009 the ship was transferred to another Carnival owned company, the Spanish based Iberocruceros, the word GRAND was added to her name, she has a G.T. of 46.053 and can accommodate just over 1400 guests. In 2005 during her Carnival Cruise years she was used as accommodation ship for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Photos taken Barcelona, 13.7.2013


  1. Very interesting topic, thanks for posting.

  2. That ship would be perfect to run cruises all summer from Norfolk to St. Georges Bermuda.
    Virginia has the closes port to Bermuda and we don't have any cruises to Bermuda all summer.