Sunday, June 9, 2013

SOUTHAMPTON and its Cruise Ships

Southampton is one of the most famous Ports in the World, steeped in Maritime History this Southern England City and its Port has been linked with Liners and Cruise Ships for more than 100 years, all the best known Passenger ships in the World have been associated with the Port, today regular Liner voyages are a thing of the past, exception for CUNARD's QUEEN MARY 2 and her regular service to New York, after a couple of decades of recession on the sector, today the Port is once again very busy with regular calls by today's passenger ships in the form of Cruise Ships, huge ships bigger than ever mark almost a daily presence at Southampton, it's becoming a routine to have four/five cruise ships in a single day. Yesterday with the sun shinning I've decided to go down south and photograph the ships in Port, ROYAL PRINCESS the brand new PRINCESS CRUISES vessel, arrived for the very first time at Southampton last friday, 7.6.2013 and after a couple of shakedown cruises and naming ceremony on the 13.6.2013, she will start  her maiden voyage on the 16.6.2013, she will head for the Mediterranean and Caribbean later in the year, other regulars were QM2, berthed at QUEEN ELIZABETH II terminal it's rightful place, MSC OPERA, CELEBRITY ECLIPSE and VENTURA completed the line up. In the next few days/weeks a selection of posts will be uploaded here to celebrate this SOUTHAMPTON FOR THE DAY EVENT. Photos 8.6.2013

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