Monday, June 3, 2013

M.V. "PORTO" former ARION under refit in Lisbon

the new PORTUSCALE CRUISES "PORTO" is seen here in Lisbon under refit, the ship is one of the four vessels acquired by the newly formed Portuguese company from C.I.C., she was the ARION a ship built back in 1965 as the ISTRA, the other three cruise ships are FUNCHAL to keep the same name, the ATHENA to be renamed AZORES and the PRINCESS DANAE to be renamed LISBOA. "PORTO" is a classic passenger ship from the mid sixties, with only 5.900 G.T. she was completely rebuilt in 2000 when bought by her former owners C.I.C.. Photos were taken on the 29.5.2013, a few days before she left the NAVALROCHA shipyard she is expected to resume cruising soon.


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  2. Brian Hawley, MelbourneSeptember 12, 2014 at 9:51 PM

    I Cruised in M.V. Arion in March 2005 doing a far Eastern cruise from Australia - A beautiful classic cruise ship, and its great to see she still survies - Brian Hawley