Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brand new "ROYAL PRINCESS" at Southampton

"ROYAL PRINCESS" is the new flagship of PRINCESS CRUISES, she measures 141.000 G.T. and can accommodate 3600 passengers, the ship was built in Italy by FINCANTIERI. The new mega cruise-ship arrived at the Port of Southampton last Friday, 7.6.2013 she will depart on her Maiden Voyage this Sunday, the 16.6.2013, for this historic voyage her ports of call will be Vigo, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Malaga and Barcelona, before her first voyage the ship will be named this Thursday, 13.6.2013 by the Duchess of Cambridge. "ROYAL PRINCESS" will be operated by PRINCESS CRUISES first in the Mediterranean before heading for the Caribbean. "ROYAL PRINCESS" will have a sister ship, named REGAL PRINCESS at the present under construction, both ships were ordered by PRINCESS in May of 2010, photos included show the new ship at her berth at the OCEAN TERMINAL on the 8.6.2013. There is in my opinion a certain element of elegance about the ship, despite her so called, "Block of Flats" appearance, which I tend to agree in most cases, so common to modern cruise ships, I have seen a lot worse and firmly believe that she will grow on many people in years to come.