Monday, March 11, 2013

Superliners of the early 20th century, the Olympic/Titanic/Britannic trio

              "OLYMPIC" arriving New York on her maiden voyage, June 1911

                "TITANIC" leaving Belfast in April of 2012 on her way to Southampton, not for her sea trials as commonly stated, in fact the OLYMPIC was so successful that "TITANIC" only had a few adjustments on her delivery voyage from Belfast to Southampton prior to her maiden voyage.

After the introduction of CUNARD's "LUSITANIA" and "MAURETANIA", Bruce Ismay, Chairman of the WHITE STAR LINE insisted that they should build not two, but three giant liners, the largest in the World. Bruce Ismay and Lord Pirrie, Chairman of HARLAND & WOLFF unveiled plans for the building of three 46.000 GRT Passenger liners, the most luxurious, safest and largest ships in the World, "OLYMPIC", "TITANIC" and "BRITANNIC" were born. "OLYMPIC" was the forerunner, she was the last word in luxury, a floating palace, the ship left Belfast in May of 1911, "TITANIC" the second of the trio took OLYMPIC's fitting-out base soon after, this new ship would be described as the "World's Safest Ship", "TITANIC" was finally completed in April of 1912, when she left Southampton on her maiden voyage she was the largest, safest and most luxurious ship ever built. "BRITANNIC" was completed during the first World War she came into service in December of 1915 as an hospital ship. Far too much has been talked about these ships, "TITANIC" booked a place in History when she foundered on her maiden voyage, still considered the most tragic Maritime accident ever, this is in my opinion very debatable, one thing is for sure, she became without a doubt the best known passenger ship ever and today she is still the reason why so many people talk about Ocean Liners. Postcards above from my collection.

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