Monday, March 11, 2013

Superliners of the early 20th century, White Star Line "OLYMPIC"

RMS "OLYMPIC" was at the time of her construction a huge milestone in marine engineering, she was the first ship to exceed 40.000 GRT her interiors, furnishings and facilities left her in a class of her own. TITANIC's collision and sinking in 1912 ensured that spotlight on the OLYMPIC-CLASS ships remained focused on TITANIC but at the time of her launch "OLYMPIC" was the shape of things to come, the main Shipping Lines of the time started immediately after her introduction competing to match her. "OLYMPIC" had a very distinguished not long career, she became known as the "Old Reliable" during her troop services in the First World War. She was scrapped in October of 1935 an early departure for one of the most significant Passenger Liners of the early 20th century. Photos above from my collection

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