Sunday, March 3, 2013

Superliners of the early 20th century, The North German Lloyd Quartet of four-stackers

                           "KRONPRINZ WILHELM"
                           "KAISER WILHELM II"
                          "KRONPRINZESSIN CECILLE"
                            "KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE"

The Germans established one of the first marketing campaigns for Ocean Liners, everyone wanted to travel on four-stacker passenger ships, they were symbols of luxury, power, size and speed. In 1897 North German Lloyd built the first "superliner", the KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE, in 1901 the "KRONPRINZ WILHELM", two years later the "KAISER WILELM II" and in 1907 the "KRONPRINZESSIN CECILLE", these ships were very popular and successful before the beginning of World War I. Here's a brief history of each of these four ships. For the "KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE" please report to my post of last friday.

KRONPRINZ WILHELM, was built in 1901 by AG Vulcan, she was 14.908 G.T.. During the first World War she was seized by the United States and renamed VON STEUBEN, she was scrapped in 1923

KAISER WILHELM II was also built by AG Vulcan in 1903, she departed on her maiden voyage on the 14.4.1903, this ship was 19.361 G.T., in April of 1917 she was also seized by the United States and renamed AGAMEMNON, she was scrapped in 1940.

KRONPRINZESSIN CECILLE was the last of the four-stackers to be built by AG Vulcan, she departed on her maiden voyage on the 14.7.1907, she was 19.400 G.T.. This liner was named after Crown Princess Cecille of Prussia, she was also seized in 1917 by the United States and renamed U.S.S. MOUNT VERNON, the ship was finally scrapped in 1940.

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