Saturday, March 16, 2013

Superliners of the early 20th century, "ILE DE FRANCE" the first major Liner built after the first World War

The French Liner "ILE DE FRANCE" was for many scholars and Historians the most important and innovative Passenger Liner of the 1920's. She was the first major liner to be built after WWI, launched in 1926 she was 43.000 G.T. She was fondly known as "ILE", when she came into service the great excitement  about this new ship was not about speed or size, but her interior decoration. "ILE DE FRANCE" began "Art Deco" style at sea, she created what became known as "Ocean Liner Style", with glamorous and chic interiors she was stunning, she even carried a small plane on board that would be launched when the ship was about 200 miles from her destination, she would beat her rivals delivering the mail, bags of mail would reach shore while the ship was still at sea, "ILE DE FRANCE" was the first of a new breed of much larger decoratively Atlantic Liners to come, she had a reputation for glamour that would be followed in a much larger scale, the luxury travel by sea of the 1930's was a mere few years away. Postcards above from my collection.

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