Sunday, March 17, 2013

BLACK WATCH and FUNCHAL in Lisbon during the late nighties

After a few "posts" about the Superliners of the early 20th century, our Blog takes now to the year of 1997  when the above photos were taken. "FUNCHAL" and "BLACK WATCH" can be seen at Lisbon, the 1961 built "FUNCHAL" taken on passengers for another cruise and the FRED OLSEN ship during a call to the Portuguese Capital. "FUNCHAL" was already sailing for ARCALIA SHIPPING while "BLACK WATCH" had just joined FRED OLSEN CRUISE LINES, the ship was originally built in 1972 as the ROYAL VIKING STAR, she was purchased and has been operated since then by FRED OLSEN, so much as changed since 1997 but both ships are still with us, BLACK WATCH still going strong with FRED OLSEN and a much loved ship by her passengers while the "FUNCHAL" is expected to go back to cruising soon after being laid-up in Lisbon since September 2010.


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  2. thank you Mile, your comment is really appreciated