Thursday, January 3, 2013

The S.S. "ROTTERDAM" today

                     One of the single cabins on board SS "ROTTERDAM"

   Above the main Restaurant "CLUB ROOM", perfect place for having a stylish dinner and below the more contemporary "LIDO".

Staying on board S.S. "ROTTERDAM" was my highlight of 2012, the ship was launched in 1958 and today is preserved at her home port of Rotterdam as a Conference Centre, Hotel and Museum, not much remains of the original ship, but her restoration process was what can be described as remarkable, there is still the ambiance of the liners of her period, a delight for ships enthusiasts and Maritime Historians she survived with her profile virtually unchanged during her years of cruising. I wanted to do the "Rotterdam Complete Tour" of the ship where we are able to visit the entire steamship, including the engine room, my late arrival and the weather dictated that I would not be able to go down below the engine room which was a setback for me, made the decision just to wonder around the ship and stay overnight. I want to go back and take the tour to witness what's left from the original ship when she came into service back in 1959, what a challenge this will be. For a complete History of the ship, click here and to stay on board or just visit this extraordinary passenger ship, one of the most successful and famous ever, please click here. Photos taken 23.11.2012

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