Friday, January 18, 2013

QE2 to become an Iconic Tourist Attraction in Asia

Yesterday, 17.1.2013 plans were unveiled that will save the QE2 from the scrap yard, OCEANIC GROUP has announced in Port Rashid, Dubai, its plans to transform the ship into a 5 star Floating Hotel, QE2 will become a Tourist Attraction offering 400 luxury rooms and suites, gourmet cuisine, a QE2-Themed Museum, corporate functions and weddings. Quoting OCEANIC " QE2 will add a new level of luxury accommodation without the need for land and become an Iconic Tourist Attraction to complement Asia's already famous waterfronts. " It's not clear for the moment the ship's final destination, both Hong-Kong and Singapore have been suggested. Yesterday QE2 has moved into dry dock for undertaking classification checks prior to her renovation as a luxury hotel. As plans were unveiled the "TELEGRAPH's" website looked back on some of the most memorable moments during the QE2's distinguished and long career, please click here to follow this Iconic Ship prestigious life at sea.

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