Monday, October 8, 2012

"SAGA RUBY" a classic beauty

                                   SAGA RUBY in Lisbon September 2012

                                        SAGA RUBY at Funchal last week
                                 Postcard of the brand new VISTAFJORD
                                 Caronia in Lisbon, summer 2000
                             VISTAFJORD sailing for CUNARD, summer of 1997
"SAGA RUBY" was built in the UK, yes in the UK, by Swan Hunter in 1973 as a combined ocean liner/cruise ship, she was the VISTAFJORD, the last flagship of the Norwegian America Line, she had a typical liner profile with the funnel midships and a streamlined hull, much of this still remains to this day making this ship a classic beauty, a delight to watch and photograph. VISTAFJORD remained in service with N.A.L. until 1983 when she was sold to CUNARD, she kept her original name until 1999 when CUNARD decided to rename the ship CARONIA, she had a loyal legion of fans during those years. In 2004 the ship was sold to SAGA CRUISES who renamed her "SAGA RUBY", she still is a unique ship, all of her 650 passengers chose this ship for an intimate atmosphere and a traditional liner ambiance in total contrast to the mega cruise ships of present days designed to carry 3000 people and more. "SAGA RUBY" is 24.492 GRT is propelled by Diesel engines and cruises at 20 knots.

It has been announced that "SAGA RUBY" will depart on her final cruise from Southampton on the 7.12.2013 on a 31 days round trip voyage to the Caribbean, after that an uncertain future for this amazing cruise ship. Credits to photos included as follows, from top to bottom, 1/2/3 copyright Rui Agostinho, 4 and 5, copyright Peter Goncalves.

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