Friday, August 3, 2012

the incomparable "EUGENIO C", part 2

      There is another post on this blog called "the incomparable EUGENIO C", dated 14th December 2011, this is why this is part 2, further episodes of this amazing ship to follow in the near future. After the number of passengers using the Italy/South America dropped dramatically in the late 70's, LINEA C like the majority of shipping line companies decided to employ their ships on cruising, so the "EUGENIO C" was of course no exception, she started cruising mainly after 1984 when she was renamed EUGENIO COSTA, she is seen here above in Lisbon in 1986, she was one of the most amazing passenger ships I have ever known, got fond memories of her, memories that will stay with me forever and makes me think how priviledged I was during those memorable years, years of decline for the liners, but still a lot of them remained for many more years.
                        Brochure promoting the ships cruises
                "EUGENIO COSTA" at Funchal, summer 1987
                   two other photos of "EUGENIO COSTA" at Lisbon, spring 1986

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