Sunday, August 5, 2012

"CABO SAN ROQUE" and "CABO SAN VICENTE", working and cruising ships

"CABO SAN ROQUE" and "CABO SAN VICENTE" were built by YBARRA in 1957 and 1959 respectively by SOCIEDADE ESPANOLA DE CONSTRUCIONES NAVAL at Bilbao in the Spanish Basque Country. Both ships were commissioned by YBARRA for their Europe to South America route, they were many times known as "working ships", they were tailored mainly for the transport of immigrants, budget tourists, students and even religious pilgrims, they lacked the speed of other larger liners and their accommodation was far from glamorous, the YBARRA sisters however, had very comfortable cabin class quarters and even the tourist class had  substantial improved sections compared to other earlier and similar vessels. With the decline of passengers on the regular service line, YBARRA sent their ships cruising as early as 1970, they had capacity for just over 750 passengers on both classes. I remember these ships quite well, went on board both several times in Lisbon and remember them being quite cosy and functional. My visits were mainly during their liner voyages, they used to sail from Genoa, Barcelona, Cadiz even Vigo across the South Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, also remember them calling at Lisbon with just cruising passengers who had very favourable comments about their service and very good food. Both ships were a little over 14.000 GRT and cruised at 18 knots. Images included here, all from my personal collection and archive


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  2. Great blog. Just seen the Cabo San Roque appearing at the end of the Jess Franco film The Girl from Rio (1969).