Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 "COSTA NEO ROMANTICA" was built in 1993 by FINCANTIERI as the COSTA ROMANTICA for COSTA CROCIERI, when built she was 53.000 GRT, in November last year the ship underwent a massive £80 million refurbishment that included the addition of two new half-decks and new balconies, the GRT was increased to 56.000 tons, she was renamed "COSTA NEO ROMANTICA", she cruises at 18.5 knots and has capacity for 1350 passengers. Personally I believe the ships looks have been ruined particulary with the new half-decks above the bridge but at least they were tapered to match the front slope, pleased to see though, COSTA investing on her older cruise ships, "COSTA NEO ROMANTICA" will be competitive on today's market for another 10 to 15 years. Photos at Lisbon during her maiden call after refurbishment in June of 2012, copyright Rui Agostinho

                  the ships decks are named after famous European cities
                            COSTA ROMANTICA at Barcelona in 2000 as built

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