Monday, July 16, 2012

Remembering the "WORLD RENAISSANCE"

the "WORLD RENAISSANCE" was built by CHANTIERS DE L'ATLANTIQUE in 1966 for the French company COMPAGNIE GENERALE FRANCAISE DE NAVIGATION, she was then known as the RENAISSANCE, in 1977 she was sold to EPIRITOKI LINES and since then until 2010, the year that she was sold for scrap at Alang, for not meeting SOLAS requisitions, she also served AWANI CRUISES, ROYAL OLYMPIC LINES, ELYSIAN CRUISE LINES and BLUE MONARCH SHIPPING. When she was sold back in 1977 to EPIRITOKI she was renamed HOMERIC RENAISSANCE, she became known as the "WORLD RENAISSANCE" during her charter years with COSTA CRUISES. The ship was 12.000 GRT and had capacity for about 450 passengers. She was renamed MAESTRO for her final voyage to the scrapyard. Photos here, Lisbon in 1990, Piraeus 1998 and a postcard from my collection

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