Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Enrichment Voyages" on board "EXPLORER"

This post is about a unique ship, the "EXPLORER". Built in Germany by BLOHM & VOSS in 2001 as the OLYMPIA EXPLORER she is 24.318 GRT and has a top speed of 28 knots making her together with her sister the "COSTA VOYAGER" the fastest cruise ships in service, only QUEEN MARY 2 can rival the sisters in terms of maximum speed. "EXPLORER" is a unique ship because she is used all over the World calling at unusual ports of call and also because for much of the year she serves with the dual purpose as a floating university for the "Semester at Sea" giving students an educational opportunity they could not find elsewhere. "EXPLORER's" voyages are known as "Enrichment Voyages". Since the Foundation of I.S.E, "Institute for Shipboard Education" she is the most modern of the five ships so far used by the Organization. I was fortunate, only by chance to photograph the ship at Barcelona yesterday, as she was not announced on the "Barcelona Cruise Ships Forecast", delightful experience. Photos 30.6.2012

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