New Blog on "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" coming soon

This Blog is now one year old, during this period I have been checking for old archive on Liners to share with all the readers of this page, bring back memories that span for four decades, while digging deep for relevant material, the Lloyd Triestino 1963 twin sisters GUGLIELMO MARCONI and GALILEO GALILEI beat all competitors by far, particulary MARCONI, one easy explanation, back in 1976 I have worked with the ship for nearly two years during her ITALIA LINE spell on the South American route and travelled on her in 1976 a 10 nights round-trip voyage from Lisbon. During this period I have been given by members of the crew a lot of old brochures, photos and postcards that go back to the 60's during her Lloyd Triestino career, so to celebrate one year blogging I have decided to create a new Blog on GUGLIELMO MARCONI. The new adventure will set sail in July so please keep following this Blog and you won't be disappointed. Photos above, top one MARCONI during an around the world stopover in 1972 and the photo below shows this gorgeous liner at Genoa in the late 60's


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