remembering M.S. "JASON"

 One of the reasons I have created this blog, apart from sharing almost 40 years of wonderful memories of cruise ships and liners, was to get myself organized and make some sense of my very old archive. The other day I came across brochures postcards and photos of a much loved cruise ship, the "JASON", which I had the opportunity to photograph and see many times in the early eighties in Lisbon. This incredibly beautiful little cruise ship was built together with other two sisters in 1965 by CANTIERI RIUNITI DEL'ADRIATICO, the ships were built as an Italian war reparation to Greece, she was only 4300 GRT with capacity for just about 200 passengers, she was built as the EROS, the other sisters being the APHRODITE and the ADONIS, they were inter-island passenger car ferries in Greece. EROS was later converted to cruising becoming the JASON operated by EPIRITOKI and later the OCEAN ODISSEY serving INDIAN OCEAN CRUISES, she was scrapped in 2010 at Alang apparently in extremely good condition, this ship while cruising was known for its superb facilities.
Photo above "JASON" in Lisbon in the early eighties, the other images are postcards from my private collection


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