QE2's farewell call in Funchal

The 19th June of 2008 was a sad day amongst ship lovers as the QE2 made her farewell call in Funchal, after more than 30 years visiting our island.
Two tug boats, CTE. PASSOS GOUVEIA and PONTA DO PARGO, the first named after an illustrous maderian captain and the second after a northwest region of the island, dressed overall for the occasion of the Queen's final departure as they assisted with her unberthing. Outside the harbour walls the tugs released water jets in salute to the QE2 as she gained speed towards south.
Unfortunatly these weren't my most active years of ship photography otherwise I would be amongst that crowd seen in the far end of the harbour or onboard a small craft in which some members of the Madeira Ship Club went, especially for the occasion, taken the best shots I could get.
João Abreu


  1. Fantastic as well as nostalgic post, I wish QE2 could be released from current exile, and returned to her former glory as an ocean-going passenger ship

    Thanks Joao


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