The Iconic Gare Maritima da Rocha in Lisbon

The building of the "GARE MARITIMA DA ROCHA" took place between 1945 and 1948, however the project dates back from 1934, built of reinforced concrete the G.M.R. arose in the context of modernization for communication between Portugal the former colonies and the rest of World. It's an iconic building classified by IGESPAR-Management Institute of Architectural Heritage, the interiors are of modern pictorial decoration by Portuguese artist ALMADA NEGREIROS born in 1893, famous for his engravings, murals and mosaic work. Once pivotal on the embarkation and disembarkation of thousands of emigrants and soldiers, going overseas to the Colonial Wars, today the G.M.R. still witnesses hundreds of cruise ships calls with tourists visiting the Portuguese Capital.

Throughout these last four decades I have wonderful memories of this Iconic Building, savouring hundreds of liners and cruise ship calls, was also the place where I waived goodbye to family members going overseas on their war duties during the 60's, it was also here that I embarked on FUNCHAL and GUGLIELMO MARCONI for some of the most remarkable sea voyages I have lived on board former liners. Photos above, the PRINSENDAM docking G.M.R. 2.5.2012, MAXIM GORKIY and EUROPA during the late 80's, Portuguese liners SANTA MARIA and VERA CRUZ in the 50's, photo copyright Luis Miguel Correia, FUNCHAL and ASTOR, late 80's, EUROPA in 1982 and QE2 in November of 1985


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