Monday, April 2, 2012

SEACITY MUSEUM at Southampton

The SEACITY MUSEUM opens in Southampton on the 10th of April. The museum explores and celebrates the connection of the city's people with the sea, an exhibition known as "Southampton-Gateway to the World".
The second permanent display is entitled "Southampton Titanic Story" which includes an interactive model of the ship, 549 people that lost their lives on the tragedy were from Southampton so the museum remembers and prepares to mark a century since TITANIC sank. A special exhibition "Titanic the legend" will also run until 2013 which examines the effect on ship design following the ship's sinking. For all other details and information, please visit Image above taken from the museum's website


  1. Tien que ser un lugar precioso lleno de historia saludos

  2. Empienza solo el 10 de Abril, pero creo que si, lo tendra que ser, despues te comentarei